Sunday, August 17, 2014

EAT: Sixth and Vine Wine Bar and Cafe, Winston-Salem, NC

Sixth and Vine Wine Bar and Cafe has been a staple in downtown Winston-Salem, NC since its revitalization several years ago. A fun wine bar with an expansive wine list and a great outdoor patio, Sixth and Vine has always been pretty aware of food allergies. Now, it has a new menu with Gluten Free items clearly labeled!
My most recent visit was on a Thursday evening. The weather was great, so my dinner companion and I ate outside on the back patio. The patio has quite a bit of seating and was packed that night. Thursday night is also DJ night, where a DJ comes in to spin tunes in the bar area and gathers quite a crowd, as well as some dancing. I was going to stick to my "usual," the Grilled Chicken Caprese, as I had inquired a while back about whether it was gluten free. It was my "safe" meal. This time, however, once I saw the "GF" clearly marked next to items (and the Grilled Chicken Caprese), I thought I would branch out and try some of the new menu items. We ordered the Antipasti Platter and Cheese Board, minus the crostinis, as an appetizer. It was a nice mix of meats and cheeses, with nuts, fruit, and olives served on a large wood board.
For my dinner, I stuck with appetizers and ordered the gluten free Caprese Skewers and the gluten free Scallops. The Caprese Skewers had tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pesto, and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. I love caprese salad, so it was a perfect fit and great new addition to the menu. The Scallops had a blueberry compote and crushed walnuts on top. Very different flavor combination, but I really liked it.  The nuts helped balance the blueberry and added a slight sweetness to the scallops. Another great new addition to the menu.

My dinner companion wanted to order the ribs, which were not labeled gluten free on the menu. After chatting with our server, who gladly checked with the kitchen, we found out that the sauce on the ribs is not gluten free. He was able to order the ribs sans sauce and enjoy a gluten free meal, complete with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

It is great that Sixth and Vine has taken their food allergy knowledge to another level and added gluten free to the menu. I always felt safe eating there prior to the menu addition, but now others can take advantage of their good selection of gluten free menu items.

Sixth and Vine
209 W. 6th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101

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