Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bristol Farms Grocery Store in Southern California

Grocery shopping during travel can be a difficult task sometimes. With my food allergies, not every grocery store can satisfy my allergen free needs. I came across Bristol Farms when I was in Palm Desert, CA. What a great store! It has a Whole Foods vibe with its great selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods. Since there is not a Whole Foods in the desert (yet), this store is my go-to. 
With 12 locations across Southern California and a location in San Francisco, the store was named after a street in West Los Angeles. It has been rated Best Market by Zagat. It is known for its fresh products and homemade quality with its careful attention to product selection. I saw several products I have not seen carried in other health food stores.
What I liked was the gluten free options available. Cookies, cake mixes, soups, frozen treats, etc. All the allergen free products were mixed in with regular products, which made finding what you are looking for a little more difficult.
Most of the gluten free items were labeled to make browsing a little easier.
Unfortunately, there were not a lot of allergen free selections on the hot bar, but they did have a nice salad bar and a sushi station. I was hoping for gluten free dessert options in the bakery area (from a local gluten free bakery, perhaps?), but was out of luck.
Bristol Farms has a great fresh meat selection with grass fed and free range options.

Be sure to check out Bristol Farms the next time you are in Southern California or San Francisco. It has great allergen free options, as well as a good selection of naturally allergen free products. 
They even carry my favorite gluten free and corn free sports drink, Body Armor!

Bristol Farms

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