Sunday, January 24, 2016

My First Attempt at Gluten Free Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are all the rage. Convenient, tasty, and healthy, overnight oats are a great addition to your breakfast options. They are made the night before and refrigerated, ready for your on-the-go morning. I like using a mason jar, as it has an airtight top, perfect for overnight storage and even portable to enjoy your breakfast at work.

There are tons of recipes online for overnight oats. This was just my first attempt and it was pretty tasty.
Gluten Free Oats (I like Trader Joe's Gluten Free Oats)
Milk or dairy free alternative
Plain Greek Yogurt
Maple Syrup

The great thing about overnight oats is that you can use any combination or make to your desired taste. The key is to cover the oats in liquid so they set overnight. I layered the greek yogurt for a little more protein and added a dash of maple syrup for a little sweetness. I used blueberries, but you can use any fruit you prefer.

I plan to experiment with more variations and will post what I come up with, but what are your favorite kind of Overnight Oats?

Monday Motivation 01/25/2016

"When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it."

~ W. Clement Stone

Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

EAT Update: Fresh First, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I blogged about Fresh First, a gluten free restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL this time last year. To read that blog post, go here. I returned there for lunch yesterday. Not sure if it was even still in business, we know how allergy free restaurants come and go, I was pleasantly surprised by my visit. Fresh First was bought two months ago by a sweet couple, Eliana and Tarso, both of whom have vast experience in the food industry. Neither are gluten free, but continue the mission of previous owners to provide great gluten free, corn free, peanut free, non-GMO food in a dedicated environment. Both are vegan and have added quite a few vegan options to the menu, like egg free mayo and tofu options. Many of the menu items are still the same, so your favorites are still available. Just a note, the north location of Fresh First has closed. 

I was greeted warmly by the staff as I entered, finding quite a few diners eating a late lunch at 2:30pm. A steady stream of patrons dined and grabbed takeout while I was there. I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich, usually a no-go option for me at most places due to my egg allergy. The egg free mayo is homemade and with the addition of celery, dill, and Granny Smith apples, the chicken salad was most delicious. The gluten free, corn free bread had a nice flavor with the addition of herbs mixed in. It has been over three years since I have had chicken salad that I or my mom have not made! The sandwich came with a side of red cabbage coleslaw, which had a nice little kick with the addition of cumin and of course, the vegan mayo. 

While chatting with Eliana, I could see her passion to provide safe meals for those with food allergies was strong. All menu items are made in-house, so inquiring about ingredients is not a problem. I was really excited to see that Eliana and her staff were much more personable and helpful than I had encountered in my previous visit under the old ownership, so I know the new ownership will do wonders for the business. I look forward to returning on my next trip to the area. Oh, and make sure to order the Quinoa Cupcake with Goat Cheese Frosting for dessert! Delish!

Fresh First
1637 SE 17th Street (Yacht District, near the Cruiseport)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Monday-Saturday 8am-3pm

Monday, January 11, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Eat: Recipe: Gluten Free Corn Free Chicken Parmesan with Okra

Chicken Parmesan with Okra

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Breasts

Gluten Free Pasta Sauce (Marinara is best) (Watch for Vodka Sauce)

4C Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Pillsbury Best Gluten Free Flour Blend

Onion (red or white)



Parmesan Cheese

Olive Oil

Canola Oil (lots)

1.        Pound chicken into flat pieces as desired. 

2.       Mix bread crumbs and Pillsbury flour about 1/1 ratio

3.       Dry chicken with paper towels

4.       Rub chicken with breading mix to rejection (until it can’t hold anymore)

5.       Heat large skillet or pot with canola oil very hot

6.       Drop chicken into canola oil once hot (be careful)

7.       Cook 10 minutes or so (I recommend trying a small piece for optimal cooking)

8.       Remove chicken, empty oil, clean skillet. 

9.       Heat skillet over high heat, add splash olive oil.

10.   Put chicken into heated skillet, add mozzeralla on top of each piece.  Cook 3 min covered.

11.   Add pasta sauce on all – cook 5 min covered on low/med.

12.   Remove and serve hot! 


1.        Cut okra and onions into slices and small pieces removing ends from both

2.       Skillet needs olive oil, garlic salt (optional), and med heat.

3.       Cook while cooking the above chicken, stirring regularly. 

4.       Add parmesan cheese 4 minutes before serving to ensure melt. 

 Serve two together. 

EAT: Recipe: Gluten Free Chicken Stirfry

Gluten Free, Corn Free Stirfry

Long grain rice
Can of Coconut Milk (Lite or reg)
Chicken Breast and Thighs Boneless
Olive Oil
Red Onion
San J Thai Peanut Sauce
San J Gluten free Tamari soy sauce

1.        Boil Coconut Milk with water.  Add Rice to boiling mix.  You can always add water later as needed to fully cook rice. 
2.       Once rice is added, turn down to low heat, allow to simmer for about 30 min.  Add water as needed to obtain desired consistency of rice. 
3.       Cut chicken into small bite sized pieces both thighs and breasts. 
4.       Cut red onion and zucchini into strips. 
5.       Cook chicken and veggies together in olive oil until cooked.  (try a piece for perfect temp).
6.       Add peanut sauce and some gluten free soy sauce to meat/veggie skillet. 
7.       Serve over rice.  

The key to this is trying as you go to make sure meat is cooked appropriately and rice is fluffy and done (stir with a fork). 

Best served in a bowl! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Monday Motivation 01/03/2016

"Do not move on to 2016 without letting go of something significant from 2015, an old idea, label, habit, fear, concern of ego. Let go to free up the whitespace for something new to enter. "

~ Brendon Burchard